Jaggu.org presents The Five Pillars!

The Five Pillars is a brand new multiplayer online game set in a fresh and innovative fantasy/sci-fi setting, in which you compete to dominate this strange, post-apocalyptic world, together with hundreds of other players.

As the ruler of a great nation you have many options to rise to victory at your disposal, like assembling great armies from your populace, or calling for them by way of either of the 5 magical energies which are at your disposal. You can build your country into greatness peacefully, or warring for neighbouring player’s land continuosly and with no remorse. You can even have your guild build the most fabulous wonders of all times. Be the cruel warlord that has no life off of the battlefield or the subtle mage, pondering away in his room, casting vile enchantments at his enemies, or be the sly manipulating diplomatic scoundrel and make other people fight your fights.

The Five Pillars is a game programmed in php/mysql and are running on an apache Web Server. The development started late in year 2000 as a project to increas my skills in Linux/Apache/php/MySql (LAMP). When I quit my job in 2002 to be a freelance consultant, the development paced up and are now released in release candidate version.